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What happened

It’s been a while since I have put thoughts down in writing, after  one session family therapy where it took 45 minutes for my son to come into the room. During the last 2 years I have told that my son wants to meet as he questions he wishes to ask me. No problem I have always been happy to answer anything I am asked. The suggested location like Garden centre cafe for half an hour the his off to lesson.

Not the right environment, our son has been taken to different therapist all have suggested that we all attend Family therapy. One actually said that our son wouldn’t make any more progress with. It had taken over 2 years to get it started during that 15 minutes he got to ask 1 question which I anwsered honestly. The next session mum called 5 minutes after session was supposed to have started saying son was to anxious to attend.

During the last year I have maintained email communication send them without expecting a reply. Then out of the blue a reply,

This built to regular emails back and forth then last week an email about a school project about Ww2. Now the brother of my ex new partner has kindly lent him a gas mask for show and tell. I rembered that musk from this time could have Asbestos in them and schools being told not to let children not bring then in.

I emailed him back asking him to check. Then a series emails back and forth no anger from me just concern for our son 

The Last email from him was full of words like bullying and abuse telling me he was not going to email again. That was over a week ago. Sending e mails again into space hoping that his is at least reading them. 

Read a Facebook story about today about a son and father that had  kept apart from each other for 5 years, they had just start emailing and talking. Now an accident has taken the father and the mum has to tell the son that he will never get to see his father again. So sad do parents not realise the damage this can cause. 

Parental Alienation has been getting a lot of headlines but they never really get the the full story of the sense of lose a parent feels, grief for one being eased from a loved ones life. The cost to the future of the child as research has started to proof.

As a father the I will not give up trying to find way through  until I have a meaningful relationship with my son no matter what’s put in the way.
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