Story time

One of the most hurtful events of the last two years was when on one of few times I had contact with my son. He told me that he had stopped reading the stories I had been emailing.

During our family life I would take my son to bed part of that routine was me reading a story or more offen making one up,with my son as the hero. 

When I left the family home,more on that in later Blogg, one of the things that  my son told me he was missing  was story time. I explained that I couldn’t be with him to make up  story’s but i would write some down and email them to him a few chapters at a time.

The first story was sent and I hope was read, on the iPad we had brought together. Then the next was started the first few chapters sent. Then whilst we talked on a rare occasion I asked what he thought of the lastest story. I was totally taken aback by his reply “I have stopped reading it because other have said i criticised him”

I asked him what he meant, I had started the story with him running late for school. It was just how the plot started and how the adventure and him being the hero. I explained it was just a story. 

I finished the story not sure if he ever got it.  As I was told that his mother had deleted his email account after me sending stuff into the ether for a couple months without reply.

Still to this day confused about how hurtful adults can be to their kids, do they not realise by running down one parent to the kids is like running down the child as they are made of both father and mother. No wonder so many adults that were children who were subjected to Alienation end up with drug and other problems. Being half of you is no good.

On that note I will say happy new year and stay strong to all who are suffering adults and kid

Speak soon andy vansells


One thought on “Story time

  1. I’m an adult child of parental alienation. Sometimes longer letters or stories or particularly gut wrenching emotional outreach, can be too much. It’s not that we don’t feel you with us, it’s just that (if your son is a minor) we literally cannot side with you. We’re brainwashed and our survival is the alienating parent. As an adult, once they separate and don’t live with the alienating parent, they’ll slowly start to understand. Good luck,


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