Parent Alienation time the only bank account we can’t add to.

I have never been the biggest fan of this time of year, not only is it Christmas this week was my birthday. This  year I spent the evening with two great friends in reflection of a lost member of our band. Who passed away a few days before Xmas.

We had known each other since school over forty years and have supported each other through life’s up and down. Our friend had just returned from a short break with his young family. During the year our friend had suffered a serious illness, this led to refocus his lives priorities. For the third time this year ,he took his  kids away, when he talked about his time he would light up the fun they had just shone out. He had planned their time at the well known holiday park this time, so that the kids got the most from it. His wife told us that they had a wonderful time.

Whilst talking over a drink my friend he told us about a talk he had with one of his teenage daughters, she was always falling out with her friends,said that forty years from now silly argruement today will mean little compared to the support your friends give.

I am greatful for my friends I couldn’t have got through the last two years without them. Thank you

This will be the second year for me without hearing from my son, lots of messages wishing me good day from friends & family. Respect and good manors were alway something I tried to instill in my son, It would appear that this has gone out the window, a cousin had sent some presents to him via his gran. Wanting to get them to him in time for Xmas day gran text his mum but never got answer. As it’s quite a drive to their home Nan decide to call his other Nan to her surprise her grandson answered the phone,  she explained that there were presents at he’s for him. Without a thank you he put the phone down. 

This is not how I taught my son to act please and thank you are just good manors. I have been giving a lot of thought how to bring this up  if he and his mother turn up at the family therapy, missed the last session another debit in the bank account of life I will Blogg about the last 2 years during the next few weeks

Thanks for reading


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