Alienation effects all

This being my second Xmas without any contact from my son not a call call or text. The saddest thing I heard on Christmas  day was my 7 year old nephew opening a card from his at absent cousin who me had not seen for over year, just saying I miss (no name ) .

Around that’s day dinner table was an auntie and uncle who used to love spending time with the two boys watching then

grow up together .

A gran that has only been able to see her grandson on a couple occasions this years, who’s only form of communication with the grandsons mother  is by text. Frustrating her with the late replies when trying to arrange contact and the simple handing over some presents from another member of my side of the family.

Then there was myself the father who year has been full of false starts, as this is my first post I thought I would keep it short. I will post more over the next weeks about this past year and the frustration of being. Alienated parent.

Speak soon 


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